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Laurie Faber

Co-Author Laurie Faber


Laurie was an educator in the public school

system for New York City for over 30 years,

working in Harlem and the Bronx with students

most of whom have had special needs.

She also is an experienced singer,

songwriter, and actor.


Laurie taught in a resource program where she worked with small groups of general education students identified with mild learning disabilities. It was during this time that her fourth and fifth graders would walk

into her room reciting the 'rap' style of complex rhythms and rhymes. Laurie realized quickly that there was

a message. "If you can memorize all of this, why don't you know your times tables?" she asked them.

She decided that by using music, rhythm and rhyme, so important and natural to all youngsters,

many more would want to study and learn their tables, and be more successful.

Laurie and Nick met at a songwriting course and strengthened their relationship afterward by collaborating on original ballads and playing in a band together. They sang and played original tunes and popular songs

at local special events and at elementary school assemblies. After Laurie wrote the original lyrics of the

Times Table Rap, Nick wrote the music that brought the lyrics alive. They received a great deal of positive feedback from all types of kids and parents. They continued to craft their product with each one

contributing to the other's strength and the Times Table Rap was completed in early 2004.

Featuring the Times Rappers!

The Times Table Rap

Blue Lion Productions is pleased to present an exciting

way for children to learn their multiplication tables. The CD combines catchy rhythms and rhymes by a deep-voiced energetic yet gentle rapper and varied musical reviews

by a group of singers.


The full-color booklet provides the same lyrics, written

in the first person, with many rhymes that encourage

self-confidence and success.


The times table rap is a musical CD that also features

a FULL SIZE book that contains the lyrics. It's an

effective learning tool for kids of all ages!

The Times Table Rap is an excellent Educational Tool

for teachers to share with their Elementary Math class.

If you are looking for a custom audio piece written and produced
by Blue Lion Productions,
please view our catalog of songs.

Find a piece that you can use for your singers, movies,
TV commercials, radio ads, YouTube videos, & slide shows.

Please contact us if you have any questions.
We reply to all emails within approximately 24 hours or less.

​Thank you so much.

- Nick Saunders President
Blue Lion Productions

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