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Nick met friends David "Dee" Glover and Marc Dwyer,

while managing them in a previous group. After writing the

song Nick, contacted Marc, and asked him to record the song.


They collaborated on the vocal arrangement, and Mark did an

excellent job arranging the vocals for his group 7th Element, and getting the

right vocal additions to portray the overall feel that Nick and Marc discussed.

Please visit their website and Facebook Fan Page.

"Harmony Song"
by 7th Element


If you are looking for a custom audio piece written and produced
by Blue Lion Productions,
please view our catalog of songs.

Find a piece that you can use for your singers, movies,
TV commercials, radio ads, YouTube videos, & slide shows.

Please contact us if you have any questions.
We reply to all emails within approximately 24 hours or less.

​Thank you so much.

- Nick Saunders President
Blue Lion Productions

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